eve|ry|thing [ `evri,θıŋ ] pronoun ***
When everything is a subject, it is used with a singular verb.
1. ) all the things, activities, etc. that are involved in a situation:
The earthquake destroyed everything within a 25-mile radius.
Everything's done by computer nowadays.
everything else: If you put the books back on the shelves, I'll put everything else away.
everything from something to something (=used for emphasizing that there is a wide range of things): The bar serves everything from beer and wine to exotic cocktails.
2. ) life in general, or a particular situation:
You look upset is everything all right?
Why do you always have to spoil everything, Debbie?
and everything SPOKEN
used for showing that you are talking about other similar things, in addition to the ones you have just mentioned:
Make sure you've got the passports and tickets and everything before you leave.
be/mean everything (to someone)
to be more valuable or important than anyone or anything else:
Beauty isn't everything, you know!
Sarah and Robert meant everything to each other.
have everything
to have all the qualities or possessions that you need in order to be happy or successful:
James seemed to have everything good looks, charm, and plenty of money.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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